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Title Insurance

Short Form ALTA Policy - Delivery of policies guaranteed within compliance within all lender time requirements. Active in all applicable states, and eliminates secondary market concerns.

Long Form ALTA Policy - Delivery of policies guaranteed to be clean and within compliance while being issued on time, regardless of the complications.

Stand Alone Modification endorsement/Stand Alone Endorsement (SAE)

  • The SAE is an alternative product created to meet the needs of servicing customers. Insures the continued priority of existing loans whose terms were now being modified. The Lender no longer needs to obtain subordination from the Jr. Lien holder.
  • Authority to issue the endorsement even if the loan policy insuring the original mortgage/deed of trust was issued by another underwriter. In that regard, unlike other policy endorsements this particular endorsement is considered to "stand alone".
  • The endorsement insures the Insured against loss sustained or incurred by reason of (1) any invalidity or unenforceability of the mortgage resulting from the execution of the modification; (2) any defect or encumbrance first appearing in the public records between the underlying loan policy date and the recording date of the modification; and (3) any loss of priority resulting from the recording of any junior mortgage, deed of trust or other voluntary lien in the public records between the underlying loan policy date and the recording date of the modification.

Title Insurance Expert Services

  • Subordination Processing - Expert reviews of all requirements, presents to the subordinating lender and completion of process, with turn times at 14 days. Fronting of Funds with approval.
  • Title Clearance - At Nations the Dedicated Clearance Team (DCT) obtain all information and documentation to clear the most challenging liens, and judgments of record. This auto function will guarantee a lender is in the proper lien position when the final policy is issued.
  • Handling of Trusts, Probate & other difficult matters!
  • Fast Turnaround Time, less than 2 days Nationwide!
  • Lowest Rates Available, customizable based on bundled service requirements
  • Multiple Underwriters equates to flexibility and 2nd opinions.
  • Customer Service Team available any time to deal with emergencies.

Online Title Insurance Nationwide

  • One Click Title Order reaches lender service team encrypted and ready to work.
  • Detailed, Real Time Order Tracking 24/7 means Lenders are always in the know.
  • Instant Downloads & Uploads for all important documents that fix title clouds.
  • Customized Reporting to grade performance of speed and accuracy.

REO Title Services

  • Pre-Listing title searches, full REO Title commitments.
  • Comprehensive title curative, and grading services.
  • Lien Monitoring, during entire process.
  • Deed-in-lieu services offered.
  • Short Sale Solutions that allow sales to close on time.
  • Subordination negotiations.
  • Second Lien and MI negotiations.
  • Delinquent Tax Resolution
  • Assignment Preparation and release
  • Trustee Sale Guarantee (TSG) to be used for properties in Western States.
  • Single Provider for all 50 States and the District of Columbia.
  • Process & Product Consistency
  • Customized Work Flow

Property Search Products

  • Legal and Vesting (Deed Search) - Includes copy of last vesting deed.
  • Current Owner Search - Last Conveyance Deed plus any liens and taxes.
  • Two Owner Search - Includes last two conveyance deeds, liens and taxes with copies.
  • Full Search - Marketable chain of title per each state statute, pertinent page copies are included.
  • Lien Position Report - For purchasing loans or modifying existing portfolio loans (wraps nicely with the SAE Endorsement). Client is given yes/no answers to customizable questions including Vesting, Lien position, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy filings.
  • Equity Express - Insured search product covering vesting, legal, lien position (based on credit) and fraud.
  • Tax Information Certification - includes verification of parcel and tax amounts, paid or existing balances based on availability at the county level.
  • Title Update - A search from effective date of the first search within 180 days of original order.
  • Document Retrieval Services - Obtaining specific documents from the courthouse including book/page, date

Settlement & Escrow

Closing Management Services

Lenders receive a customer service team, once the first order is placed, that will prepare accurate documents and conduct closings for customers nationwide. Closing teams can prepare LE statements accurately and efficiently - month end requests are completed in less than 30 minutes on most files. The closing team will handle arrangement of time & location of the closing, including multiple contacts made with both borrowers and notaries to confirm requirements and expectations.

Curative Services

Arrangement of Nations Dedicated Clearance Team (DCT) means escrow officers receive files ready to close pro-actively. Multiple contacts are made with lender clients to ensure that all vital issues, or clouds on title have been resolved, including difficult IRS lien releases that have proper authority.

Signing Agents

With over 15 years experience, Nations is on the cutting edge with over 1000 captive, and Staff Signing Agents (SSA's) in the US. We provide attorney coverage in all applicable states, as well as last second, end of month scheduling nationwide.

Pre Loan Document Retrieval

Arrangements made between professional certified notary and the borrower to go to a location of choice to collect the required lender documents. We reduce the time between application and closing, lender staffing, and shipping. This service guarantees the accuracy of the documents, and in most cases, the same notary for the actual loan closing so the borrower is comfortable.

Document Shipping Standards

Consistent and reliable lender client teams ship every time to match each lenders special requests and standards. We ensure speedy return from Signing Agents back to Lenders.

Accurate Disbursement of Funds

Same lender teams know funding standards for each lender specifically, and lender clients have the 20+ year backing of Nations that disbursements are done correctly. Last second funding changes are no problem at Nations to perform perfectly via each lenders individual authority and change standards.

High Tech Escrow

Nations Proprietary TRAX Technology

  • 24/7 on line access with interactive change & status ability.
  • Upload and Download pertinent Docs that alter closings.
  • SSAE 16 certified, encrypted data to protect all vital borrowers' data.

Manage Escrow Functions Nationwide

  • Contain settlement data for all loans, and work on line with a dedicated team 24/7.
  • Handle Attorney States within the same Escrow Company as non attorney states.

Traveling Closings

Traveling real estate closings began in the major coastal cities in the late 1990's. Today, most residential closings take place in the buyers and seller's homes and/or office versus the inside of old fashioned title companies.

Kansas & Missouri, most local title companies require sellers and buyers to come to their office between 9-5, Monday-Friday only.

Trusted Title, we meet the buyers and sellers where it is convenient for them and at a time which is possible within their busy schedules. As a result, closings take place all over KS & MO, and many times after hours or on weekends.

Modern technology makes traveling closings the most convenient way to close real estate sales.

Trusted Title also handles split closings where spouses are in travel, or even deployed as military personnel overseas, by having a nationwide network of trained closers who travel for Trusted Title.

Title Searches

Consumers often will wish to purchase title searches independent of real estate transactions, or as a preliminary need to an actual transaction that's about to occur.

Trusted Title and Closing has been working courthouse information and public data sources for property records and combines the information into a report for consumers to use for a variety of purposes.

TTC has built the most complete database of online property records for all Kansas and Missouri counties. Depending on your needs, consumers can find deeds, mortgage files, air rights, lease agreements, property ownership records, and more.

Consumers Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Title Search:

  • Estate disposition, and or planning.
  • Divorce proceedings.
  • Buying or Selling investment Real Estate.
  • Checking to see if Liens have been taken off or added to title.
  • FSBO Sellers

Consumers Top 5 Most Common Title Problems

  • Errors in Public Records
  • Boundary / Survey Disputes
  • Unknown Liens
  • Forgeries
  • Undiscovered Will

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